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Writer's Block Isn't Just for Writers: Feeling Spiritually Stuck

By Gweneth O'Brien

I feel that the phenomenon of what I call "spiritual writer's block" isn't discussed enough. I will admit to you that I have been trying to write a blog on spiritual burnout for over 3 weeks. And it got me to thinking- this feeling of being stuck isn't just applicable to writing. Recently, I've discovered that spiritual practices can occasionally lead us to feeling stuck, just like when writing a blog. Just a few weeks ago, I found myself at that point, and I decided to address it to the masses. We've all probably heard the term 'burnout' somewhere on social media, whether it be pertaining to work, spirituality, or just life in general. And we've all most likely experienced it at some point during our lives. Feeling completely drained, and unable to engage in enjoyable tasks is absolutely normal, and I'm thankful to see the continuous positive discussion surrounding this topic. Taking a step back and resting is imperative, whether it be from our mundane or magical tasks. However, not long ago, it occurred to me that what some of us are feeling isn't necessarily burnout. The motivation is there, but it just isn't flowing. It's like all this energy is pent up, but there's nowhere for it to go. At this time- taking a step back, going within, and evaluating your current state may be beneficial. But personally, I have found that I don't always want to take a step back, I want to dive deeper. So what gives me reservation then? Well, a multitude of things actually. First is that I don't have the time. Technically, that's wrong - I have time to overthink it, so why don't I have time to do it? Second, it's that I don't have the resources, specifically the knowledge I feel I need. Again, wrong on two points. First off, Wikipedia is free, and a phenomenal resource (don't tell your English teacher) when it comes to all things occult. Also, in reality, the majority of our knowledge comes from experience. Reading all we can get our hands on is imperative at times, but if you don't just get out and do it, you're at the risk of becoming what we call an 'armchair magician'. Eventually, you might just end up feeling more stuck if you don't push yourself to go for it. And third, it's hard to deny a deeper feeling or worry that comes along when contemplating your spiritual practice. I've noticed that it's hard not to feel as if we are abandoning or betraying our past selves if we drift off our current path towards something new. It's a strange feeling, the shift in what resonates, and what calls to us. This is where I have been currently - I want to connect, and practice magic in every which way, but it doesn't look or feel the same as it did a year ago. A year ago, I was still a practicing Wiccan, and I never dreamed that I would one day find it unfulfilling. I never thought that right now, I would find myself reaching for every Ceremonial Magic book I could find, and maybe in a year from now, I'll be knee deep in Asatru or Astrology. I am a firm believer that you don't just find yourself once. Life is just one big scavenger hunt; each item we find is a step on our path or a part of our soul, and the prize is that we get to do it all over again. If you notice this feeling arise - embrace it. Run with it. We are constantly growing, and that means our path will continue to grow and evolve as well. The Universe has a plan, dear one.

As always, be safe, and blessed be.

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