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Where Do I Start?

By Gweneth O'Brien

It's often overwhelming to enter the world of spirituality for the first time. The copious amount of information is daunting, and often makes it difficult to begin learning. And while it may seem that the popularization of spirituality might make it easier to start (in many cases it does), it's a double-edged sword. Everyone is saying something different. One day, you'll hear a certain viewpoint, and the next, you'll hear a complete contradiction of the first. In situations like these, discernment is key. 

When starting on your spiritual journey, you'll probably find that there's several things you want to dive into. Crystals, candle magic, meditation, tarot, etc... and that barely scratches the surface. So what do you do?

Do you 'pick one and stick with it'? 

Or do you jump in head first, submerging yourself in all the knowledge you can possibly find? 

The simple answer is: "I don't know".

I know, that's not what you wanted to hear. But I suppose this is your first lesson. Most things are subjective when it comes to this topic. Everyone's got an opinion, and a lot of people think that theirs is the right one. But of course, with all opinions, there's no 'right or wrong'. Yes, there are certain things set in stone like don't say thank you to the fae, don't get your selenite crystals wet, and loads more. But the main thing that's 'set in stone' is that you're probably not doing it wrong. If you feel called to use amethyst for energy, burn a red candle for protection, or call upon Archangel Uriel for healing versus Archangel Raphael, that's absolutely fine. When it comes to things like this, you will hear people disagree. It's like a religious debate at Thanksgiving dinner. Each person will claim to know 'the way' but truthfully, it's impossible to be aware of the full universal plan. 'The way' differs from person to person, some may find peace in Catholicism, Buddhism, Wicca, or paganism in general. Some may find that they prefer to use orange peels when cleansing, and some may argue that casting a circle before ritual work isn't necessary. Are they wrong? No. Are they right? For them, they are, for others, maybe not. That's the beautiful thing about spirituality. The lack of definitive answers just gives it more meaning in my opinion. 

So I guess the answer to the question "Where do I start?" is with yourself. Feel confident in your work, your practices, and your beliefs, feel assured in what you resonate with, let go of ego and insecurity and the idea that you have to compare your practice to others. Now I know that answer is broad, grazing the lines of  philosophical contemplation, but it's true, at least for me.

I am over five years into my spiritual journey, and just now am I truly discovering who I am amidst all of it. I've heard differences of opinion, and from that, I've developed my own. I'm not saying to throw caution to the wind, be safe, and don't put yourself or others in immediate danger of course. But do throw the pre-conceived notion that you have to be doing everything 'right' or 'perfect' to the wind. In most circumstances, these ideas will only hinder you, and possibly make you vulnerable. 

All in all, I can't give you an exact answer. I'm not an omniscient being, and after everything I just said, it would be slightly hypocritical of me to do so. So be safe, be confident but not cocky, follow your intuition and what you're drawn to. Be cautious, but don't fear the unknown. Something is only unknown until we discover it. 

As always, be safe, and blessed be.

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