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The Magic of New Years

By Gweneth O'Brien

The New Year is upon us, 2021 is about to begin, and we're about to leave a... less than pleasant year behind. And right now, you're probably being bombarded with the phrase "New Year, New Me." It's a phenomenon that occurs every year, people vow to re-invent themselves annually, and no one actually ever does.

On the contrary, you've also probably heard people say things like "You can always reinvent yourself, you don't have to wait for a new year." That's absolutely true, don't let the Gregorian Calendar stop you from evolving!

However, I feel that both of these statements fail to recognize what the new year really encompasses.

The first statement gives us the impression that with every new year, we have to force ourselves into an extreme evolution, and hold ourselves captive to goals that may seem impossible. It's not a choice, it's an expectation imposed onto us by society. And it's probably why new year's resolutions never seem to work out.

On the other hand, the idea that waiting to change shouldn't be reserved for the new year fails to recognize the magic behind this holiday. It gives the notion that the idea of the new year holds no value when setting goals and making plans. I would disagree with that wholeheartedly, as I've found that the new year can bring us invaluable energy that we should absolutely take advantage of. No, we don't have to completely alter our life overnight, frankly, that's quite ridiculous. But I would be remiss if I didn't advocate for a purge around this time of year.

Just think about it- at the same time, every year, people all around the world are making commitments to change and get rid of old habits. Motivation and inspiration is bountiful at this time, so why shouldn't we take advantage of it? Because so many people are on the same page, with a similar mindset, this drive is amplified drastically!

Now, the question is, how can we do this responsibly, while still taking care of ourselves, and not setting ourselves up for failure?

Well, I encourage you to focus heavily on yourself, go deep within. Reflect on your actions, goals, desires, the good and the bad, reflect on the year as a whole.

Ask yourself how you've changed, grown, and evolved. Ask yourself what you loved and hated about this year. And ask yourself how you may have stayed the same, any mistakes you may have made, regrets you might have.

Now, the tricky part is to accept it, and let it go.

Right now, I find that it's incredibly important to realize where the year has taken you, however, dwelling on it will never have a positive outcome. If you hold onto these past occurrences, it's going to be extremely difficult to move forward, and set new goals and aspirations. Think of it like this - before you mop your floor, you have to sweep up all the dust and dirt (and dog hair). If you don't, it will become stuck in the mop, still holding on, being dragged across the floor. You can't make the floor clean and shiny before shedding the excess dirt. Same thing with us energetically. If you don't release, and build a strong, pure foundation, it will be nearly impossible to layer on more and more goals.

Only once that negativity is liberated from you, can you make room for new, wonderful opportunities.

All in all, this new years, I implore you to let go of all that no longer serves you before you take on new challenges, go within before looking without. The ability to contemplate on this past year, and be filled with gratitude and not shame is imperative, and in all honesty, it's the most direct way to self-improvement.

So, embrace this new year by accepting the old. Shed everything that is weighing you down, so you can emerge stronger than ever, and be ready for 2021.

See you next year.

As always, be safe, have a Happy New Year, and blessed be.

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