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Spiritual Safety Part 2: The Metaphysical

By Gweneth O'Brien

Welcome back! If you read last weeks' blog, you have a pretty good idea on how to protect yourself from working with physically dangerous spiritual items and tools. But now, there's a whole other realm that you need to know how to work with safely. This week, we're talking about spiritual and energetic safety.

This is where most tend to be focused. Many people, especially beginners, have a sense of fear regarding spirituality, divination, and communication with the other side. While caution is necessary, apprehension and fear aren't. By all means, don't do something you aren't comfortable with or don't feel ready for. But remember, fear often attracts things to be fearful of. Fear fuels negativity, it gives it a place to fester. So, with that being said, let's get into some tactics to help you feel confident and safe in your spiritual practice.

Basic Protection and Cleansing:

You've probably heard countless people say something along the lines of: 'learn your basics, protection and cleansing' or 'make sure you keep your aura clear'. But what does that mean, and how do you go about it? Essentially, what they are saying is to ensure that you are consistently doing a form of energetic maintenance, and making sure that you aren't taking on or holding onto a lot of negative energy. As with almost anything, there's several ways you could approach this. A basic 'rule' is to always cleanse first, and then protect. It wouldn't make sense to protect yourself from external forces when you already have some negative energy latched on to you. Eliminate those obstacles first, and then ensure they stay away. I recommend cleansing yourself daily, or as much as possible. Build a little ritual for yourself to complete every day, in order to maintain your energy. There are several ways you can do this, here's a few:

Smoke cleanse: Use either sage, incense, or any other herb to clear your energy and physical space. Sprays/oils: Make a spray using essential oils, water, crystals (make sure they are water safe), or salt, or anoint yourself with cleansing oils. Cleansing shower/bath: When taking your shower, imagine that the water is washing away negativity, and then showering you with protection, joy, positivity, or whatever you would like manifest throughout the day. This is an excellent option because it takes no extra time out of the day! If you want to do something a little more elaborate, take a cleansing bath using candles, bath salts, herbs, and essential oils. Visualization/Meditation: This technique can be used in many different instances, and is one of my personal favorites. When cleansing yourself, try to see and feel all that negativity leaving your body, this is where the intention really comes in. Meditate and visualize a light going through the top of your head all the way down to your feet, clearing your mind, body, and soul. Stir your coffee, water, or tea counterclockwise to banish negative energy, and picture it washing away any worries, troubles, or stagnant energy in general. Now you have a clean slate. Take this blank canvas and layer it with protection! You can do this by: Burning a black candle with basil oil (or another kind of protective oil/herb) Wear a protective symbol or talisman. Carry/wear a protection stone like black tourmaline or onyx with you. Make a protective sigil (or use one you find), draw it on a piece of paper, and carry it with you in your wallet, pocket, or purse. Visualization/Meditation: Same thing as cleansing: visualize yourself being protected in whatever way you feel fit. Ask the Universe: One of the most simple ways to protect yourself is to ask your guides, guardians, angels, ancestors, god(s)/goddess(es), or the Universe in general, to protect you! Your team is there for a reason! ask and you will receive, just always remember to share your gratitude to them, and give them an offering if you feel it's necessary! Say no: This one's simple. Don't let someone over-step their boundaries! This can help preserve your spiritual, mental, and emotional health all at once. Now that you know how to protect yourself, let's discuss when you should focus on it. I could just say "always" and leave it at that, and it would be true, however, that's not very helpful. So, here are a few instances in which you should protect yourself before going any further. Divination: Before doing any kind of divination, especially any kind that involves invoking spirits or external energies, cleanse/seal/protect your space to ensure you don't invite any unwanted presences in, and if it does happen, you have a better defense built up. Mediumship: When performing mediumship (this includes doing ancestor work, especially in the beginning stages), you are directly opening a door, and if you don't take precaution, anything could walk through. When doing this, be specific, state that only high-vibrational, or light, or positive spirits/energies are allowed to come forward. Remember that discernment is key, not only in the rhetoric from other people, but from the rhetoric from energies. Always confirm that something is what it claims to be. Don't be fooled, ask your intuition, do a tarot pull, or ask your guides if this energy is genuine. And always, always, always, trust your first gut instinct. Rituals/Spellwork: By providing a safe environment to perform your rituals, you not only defend against low-vibrational energies entering, but also, you have a better chance at lowering the consequences of a spell back-firing. At large events with crowds: While not necessarily spiritual in nature, it's so important to be protected when going to an event with a lot of people. One, it can help protect you against theft or physical harm to a certain extent (still, always be alert, a rock can't always protect you, unless you maybe throw it at someone). Additionally, the immense amount of energy, even if it is a positive environment, can be draining. You don't want to carry all that home with you. When driving: This one may be obvious, but keeping a red jasper to guard against car accidents and car theft is always a good option. Also, meditating before driving can help with road rage, (something I have personally witnessed with my mother- it works). At work: The workplace, especially a customer service or office job, can be incredibly exhausting. Dealing with other people's problems, either co-workers or clients can take a lot of our energy. Try to put up some energetic (and even physical or verbal) boundaries before or during work to eliminate stress. All in all, the main takeaway is that the strength of your protection resides in your confidence behind it. If you doubt yourself, your protective forces weaken. Like I mentioned earlier, fear, unease, and uncertainty will only draw in frightful things. Remember that spiritual protection is like energetic armor (term from mariathearcane on Instagram), but what good is armor without a warrior behind it? As always, be safe, and blessed be.

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