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The New 2018 Moon Calendar

Each monthly moon of the year offers a unique energy that influences our daily lives - like that delightful Harvest Moon that bounces between September and October each year. The moon's changing cycles affects us, and it also affects the crystals we cleanse and charge beneath its light.

Some exciting insight for the 2018 year is the DOUBLE BLUE MOONS we will experience within the very first season. This hasn't happened since 1999, and won't happen again until 2037, so we won't come across this type of radical transformation and expansion for some time again. January will hold one of the Blue Moons of the year, and March will hold the second.

January will also bring two Supermoons and a lunar eclipse!

It's going to be a wild ride right out the door.

The two full moons in January changes the energy we typically find in the first month of the year. Instead of the usual Wolf Moon, the door is opened for the Quiet Moon on January 1 - 2, followed by the Blue Moon on January 31.

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