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Karma Connection carries a variety of unique brands and products that have been created in a small batch by passionate people across the country.  The mission is simple: create.  Our inventory is carefully curated to display multiple aspects of the home and lifestyle business.  Supporting the artists who work hard and innovate brings on a gratification that can't be matched.  


Owner and buyer, Tracy Kramer has always had a love for people and healing. She found a knack for seeking out pieces that add that something special to space and passion for helping add to a persons life.  After working in the healthcare industry for so many years she decided it was her time.  Her time to do something that she truly loved.  The love for seeking out timeless goods that will add that extra bit of character to a room or connecting people to healing remedies that will revolutionize their world. 



Tracy's Favorite Quote: "Karma is about giving out what you want to receive" 


psychic shaman


Shamanic Healer, Psychic

Kim is originally from Anchorage Alaska. 

She is a natural born psychic, an intuitive empath, shamanic practitioner, new paradigm multi-dimensional teacher, performs house and business clearings, reiki master teacher, vibrational and frequency healer. 


Kim also communicates with the angel, practitioner of seraphim blueprint, Theta healer, crystal healer, and past life regression certified. 


If you need help understanding messages Kim is the woman for you.

psychic healer



Alicia is from San Bernardino, California and moved to Las Vegas in 2017, She had the interest in psychic and intuition from a very young age.


Her intuitive line comes from her father's side and has a family line of psychic gifts with other family members. She has worked in the Dental field for 20 years and has given messages from spirit from time to time with patients but never truly stepped into her calling. She also worked as a security guard at the Los Angeles County Hospital and had a fair share of spiritual connections from the afterlife.


She only truly walked into her gift completely after the passing of her middle son Andrew, who has guided her through this path and became an intuitive card reader and has had connections with mediumship through readings. She offers intuitive card readings. 

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Since Juliet was a little girl she had vivid dreams- she dreamt of galactic beings and of the future. As a little girl Juliet interacted with angels and spirits and spoke to them as her closest friends. The older she got the more intense the interactions became. 

Juliet was 17 years old when she owned her first tarot deck. 


When Juliet got older she began running a marketing company. Through that time, she developed a plethora of crippling diseases; doctors and neurologist informed her that “there isn’t a cure” and to “learn how to live with it”. Juliet suffered from chronic vertigo. She was unable to run and could barely walk. Juliet had to face having her drivers license revoked and quit her passion- photography. 

At Juliet’s lowest point she realized that she must take a leap of faith and learn how to cure herself. So she dwelled into the power of the Universe and studied Quantum Physics. Within 6 months Juliet went from barely walking to becoming an athlete runner. Juliet is now 100% cured. She quit her 13 year career to bring clarity to those in need and to show others that they hold the power within to heal themselves.


Juliet is a healer through the power of the Quantum Universe and is a tarot/oracle and pendulum reader.


Her mission is to bring clarity for others and help them understand the true Atomic power they hold inside.